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After School Art Club (3rd-6th)

Hey there, art enthusiasts! 🖌️ 🎨🌟  Join us for a month-long journey into the vibrant world of POP ART! 🌟🎨🎉
Get ready to dive into the iconic movement that revolutionized art! 🎉🖼️
What to Expect:
Week 1: Explore the roots and key players of Pop Art. Discover its bold colors, iconic imagery, and techniques.
Week 2: Get hands-on with silk screening, collage making, and playing with bold color palettes.
Week 3: Create your own Pop Art portraits, comic book-style artwork, and pieces inspired by consumerism & pop culture.
Week 4: Showcase your original Pop Art pieces in our final exhibition!
🌟 Why Pop Art? 🌟Unleash your creativity using everyday objects and popular culture as inspiration. Experiment with techniques embraced by legendary artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein. 



This class meets once a week,

Wednesdays from 430-6 pm for 4 total classes a month. (unless otherwise noted)

In January Class will meet start meeting Wednesday, January 10th 

After School Art Club (3rd-6th)

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