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Beginning Photography




3 Weeks


About the Course

Are you interested in photography but are struggling to use your camera as well as you would like? Are you tired of spending hours on YouTube looking for answers to questions? Just love taking beautiful images and want to do more with your camera?

This 3-week, 6-session in-person photography workshop will get you out of auto mode and create beautiful images of whatever subject inspires you! This course is for anyone wanting to know more about photography and understand how their camera works. We will cover the exposure triangle, composition, editing, equipment choices, and more.

Each class will focus on specific aspects of photography and using your equipment to create amazing images. After covering the new information, we will have the opportunity to try out our new skills with hands-on activities to provide a chance to get feedback and questions answered right away. Then each week we will have homework to continue working on our new skills, and a private online group to post images and ask questions of the instructor and peers throughout the week.

Nov. 8th- Session 1: Getting Started in Manual Mode

Nov. 10th- Session 2: Understanding Aperture and Depth of Field

Nov. 15th- Session 3: The how and why of Shutter Speed

Nov. 17th- Session 4: Composing better images and telling a story

Nov. 29th- Session 5: Basics of Photography Styles and equipment

Dec. 1st- Session 6: Digital Photo Editing


Equipment needed for this workshop:

Any DSLR or Mirrorless camera with a Manual Mode option

(if you are unsure, please email with questions)

Optional equipment: Additional lenses, tripod, computer for editing, editing software

(These items are not required for the workshop, but are nice to have)

Your Instructor

Cari Payer

Cari Payer

I think of each piece as a moment of stillness, that brief pause between breaths, a moment where you can step out from yourself and the rhythm of your daily life and see the world around you a little clearer.

I have always sought to find effective ways to communicate with others, through photography I can visually share what I struggle to speak, sometimes through landscapes or street views, as visual interpretations of emotional reactions to tangible subjects and sometimes more abstract creations from a studio space. Due to a fierce belief that the world is made of the beautiful moments trapped between light and darkness I refuse to limit my images to one subject matter but prefer to think of the subject as part of the story I am trying to share about a feeling or moment, sometimes it’s an epic tale, sometimes its soft and quiet, and sometimes it’s a comedic moment of joy. I hope that each image I create can be a chapter of a story about the world around us that hasn’t been finished yet and I hope my images can inspire someone else to tell the next chapter in the way they choose to communicate with the world.

​I am a huge believer in helping others find their artistic voice and deeply enjoy building a community of positive and supportive artists through my workshops, youtube channel, and other social media.

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