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Are you an artist, maker, or creative?

We would love to help you share your talent, skills, and ideas with the community!

Art Class

Our Art Center

Because Leavenworth is a unique mix of people coming together from all over the world, we have access to so many different skills, crafts, niches, and ideas that we want to share with everyone. Whether it be knitting, quilting, painting, woodworking, or improv, any and all art forms are welcome here.

No matter your art or craft form, if you are interested in offering classes out of First City Creatives at an affordable rate, please reach out! Regardless if you are a seasoned teacher or just beginning to share what you love, we welcome all members of the community to teach!

While some instructors already have a specific audience to tap into, If you aren't used to planning and marketing classes and events on your own, we also have tools to help walk you through this process. One of First City Creatives' biggest objectives is to not only benefit the students but to benefit the artists/instructors as well. Artists deserve to live off their profession too!

Email if you are interested or have any questions!

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