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Teen Workshop- Jewelry Design

🔗✨ Unleash your inner jewelry designer at our Teen Summer Workshop: Metal and Wire Jewelry Design 💍🔨
Join us for a hands-on experience where you'll craft unique, wearable art that reflects your personal style.


What to expect:
🎨 Design Basics: Learn the fundamentals of jewelry design, from sketching your ideas to selecting the perfect materials for your creations.

🔧 Metalworking Techniques: Dive into the world of metals! Explore basic metalworking skills, such as cutting, shaping, and texturing, to bring your designs to life.

🌀 Wire Wrapping Mastery: Discover the art of wire wrapping to add intricate details and unique patterns to your jewelry pieces. From pendants to earrings, let your creativity flow.

💡 Custom Creations: Design and make your own set of jewelry, whether it's a stunning necklace, a pair of elegant earrings, or a statement bracelet. Express yourself through wearable art!


No prior experience is needed—just bring your passion for jewelry and an eagerness to create! 🚀 Limited spots are available, so secure your place now for a summer filled with metal and wire magic! ✨💎 

Teen Workshop- Jewelry Design



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