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Hey There!

If you love something (or all things) making, creating, designing, getting messy, and having fun. You have come to the right place!
We believe that there is a space for all makers, creatives, and artists, and we LOVE helping them grow in their practice!

All About Me

HI! I am Cari and I am the silly goofball behind First City Creatives. I have been lucky enough to have a life full of making, creating, and learning, and I love sharing my passion for learning new things and trying new ideas. 

First City Creatives, Leavenworth Kansas

First City Creatives was started in October 2022 with the intention of benefiting not only the students, but the artists who facilitate the learning, and the community as a whole. Community members of all ages are given the opportunity to learn, teach, and experience, the wild world of arts and crafts. 

All About First City Creatives






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