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Our beloved studio cat, Kit Kat, needs your help! When she came to us as a foster, we were told she had incurable cancer, but a second opinion has given us hope. With a $1000 operation at the Dog and Cat Clinic in Leavenworth, she should be able to live a long happy life!
Kit Kat has become an integral part of our studio, bringing joy and comfort to everyone, especially her best friend Boots. We're determined to give her the chance she deserves, but we need your support to make it happen.
Please consider donating and sharing this post to help us reach our goal. Let's save Kit Kat and give her many more happy days in our studio.
Any funds raised beyond the cost of Kit Kat's surgery will be donated to the Leavenworth County Humane Society to help other animals in need.
Thank you for your kindness and generosity,


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