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Crochet Club

🧶✨ Calling all crochet enthusiasts! 🌟

Join us at Crochet Club for an evening of creativity and camaraderie! 🌈✂️ 


Bring your yarn, hooks, and your crochet skills! Whether you're keen on diving into the Hexagon Sweater project or working on your own creation, this is the perfect space to unwind, chat, and crochet with friends. 🧶✨

What to expect:

  • Guidance and support available for the intermediate-level
  • Relaxing atmosphere to crochet and socialize
  • Share tips, tricks, and laughs with fellow crafters

This is a wonderful opportunity to expand your crochet skills, create something fabulous, and enjoy the company of like-minded crafters. 🌟 Whether you're passionate about tackling the Hexagon Sweater or exploring your own crochet journey, Tuesdays at Crochet Club are all about relaxation, creativity, and community.
**This is not a class to learn crochet**

No need to RSVP—just bring your crochet gear and a smile! Let's stitch, chat, and have a fabulous time together! 🧵🎉 

Crochet Club

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