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Homeschool Art Class


Immerse your young artists in a world of boundless creativity with our Mixed Media Homeschool Art Class!

In this vibrant and inclusive environment, students explore a rich variety of artistic techniques. From painting and drawing to sculpting and collage, our expert instructors guide each child, encouraging them to experiment, express, and excel.


**What Sets Us Apart:**

1. **Diverse Mediums:** Dive into a mix of paints, textiles, clay, and found objects, fostering a love for experimentation.

2. **Individualized Attention:** Small class sizes ensure personalized guidance, allowing every child to shine.

3. **Inspiring Atmosphere:** Our art-filled spaces stimulate imagination, turning every session into a new adventure.

4. **Celebration of Creativity:** Showcase events and exhibitions celebrate the students' masterpieces, boosting their confidence.


Join us in fostering a lifelong love for art while enhancing essential skills like problem-solving and self-expression. Enroll your budding artist today and watch their talents blossom!



These classes are suitable for all school-age children(K-8th), with adjustments made for ages. Most projects are multi-step and consistent attendance is encouraged so projects can be completed.

This course is 4 classes per month unless otherwise noted

Please contact us for a 10% sibling discount

Homeschool Art Class

  • Cancellation Policy

    A class cancellation notice received less than seven days prior to the event date is not subject to a refund. The customer will be provided an opportunity to reschedule to a later class that is similar in content within one month from the date that the original reservation was made. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay the difference in class costs if the future class is more expensive in nature than the
    rescheduled class. Cancellation of a class outside of the seven-day window is subject to a full refund or rescheduling to a later date. Classes that are missed by the customer are not subject to refund or rescheduling except at the sole discretion of First City Creatives Staff.

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