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Writing Workshop

📝✨ Dive into the art of storytelling at our immersive Writers Workshop series! 🌟

The Writing Workshop is a curated collection of classes designed to empower aspiring writers to craft compelling stories. Join us for a 90-minute journey of instruction, discussions, and hands-on exercises to hone your storytelling skills. 📚✍️


Equip yourself with your preferred writing tools—paper, pens, laptops, tablets—and get ready to embark on this enriching writing adventure! Please note, power sources might be limited, so plan accordingly.


Student drafts, such as outlines, character concepts, maps, and more, are not only welcome but encouraged! Engage in discussions and receive valuable feedback to refine your ideas and narratives.

While each class can stand alone, they interconnect for a comprehensive storytelling experience. 

Join us for an interactive, creative, and thought-provoking session to craft compelling villains and enrich your storytelling toolkit. Let's weave tales that captivate and inspire! 🌌🖋️ 

Writing Workshop

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